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Pursuing Wellness thru Nature

A Love 4 Wellness provides a "Homeostasis" solution for your mind, body and soul!! Experience Earth and it's Efficacy.

Who We Are

We are a Hemp-derived CBD Company that aims to educate and provide plant-based alternatives to women that has experienced lower back pain due to the use of an Epidural during child labor. I am a mom sharing my personal solutions for balance in your Mind, Body, and Soul.


Review / Testimonials

"I am an individual that suffers from chronic muscle pain mainly in my back area.  I have tried several remedies to help alleviate my pain. I recently developed calf and back pain at the same time and I used the pain relief balm from A Love 4 Wellness. I felt the relief instantly. The interesting part is the balm reacted to each area differently. The balm treated the area with the most pain with more intensity. I thought that I would have to 
use it for a couple of days. I only needed to use it for 1 day!! I highly recommend A Love 4 Wellness products!!"

-K. Williams

Have you experienced any of the following?

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Chronic Pain



Hugging a Pillow

Menstrual cramps

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"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country "


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